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She wants to nurse every hour lately

Help!! DD is 5 months old and lately she's been wanting to nurse all the time, my milk supply can't keep up with her.  Should I try to increase my milk supply? I just started solids today so I'm hoping that helps some, but any advice would be helpful.  TIA

Re: She wants to nurse every hour lately

  • Why do you think your supply can't keep up?

    It might just be that she's hit a growth spurt.  Make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating plenty - including good protein. 

  • Sounds like a growth spurt. I would just keep nursing... it's your bodies queue to make more.
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  • What makes you think your supply isn't sufficient?  The fact that she's nursing so frequently tells you NOTHING about your supply.  She's probably just hitting a growth spurt and needs more food.  By allowing her to nurse on demand, you're signalling your body to increase production. 
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