TTC after 35

::Taps the computer:: is this thing on

People must be out of town or something...this place has been slow..

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Re: ::Taps the computer:: is this thing on

  • I agree.  But I'm not helping much, either.  I haven't got much to say!
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  • imagetaratru:
    I agree.  But I'm not helping much, either.  I haven't got much to say!

    That's pretty much the place I'm at as well tara.  I go to learn how to do my inectibles on Wednesday for IUI #3 which will be at the end of next week.  I'll have more to say then.  ; )

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  • I agree ob/gyn called today to tell me I had some small abnormalities on my pap, so I go in on Mon to have a biopsy (given everything my who-ha has gone thru in the past year, not surprising). I just hope we can get everything to normal by Jan so we can start IVF #3.
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  • I filled my mouth all weekend so I didn't want to talk with my mouth full.  Oh, I type here...Yeah, I don't have much to say. 
  • I agree, but I haven't even taken my temp in almost a week, so I sure don't have much to add.

    RE follow up appt to all the tests we had done is not until 12/11. So...right now I am trying to focus on running instead of TTC. 

    Hope everyone is doing well. 

  • I just stopped in to see how everyone was doing and see if there was any news from the past few days. Not really TTC right now... unfortunately... but wishing GL to everyone else!

  • Yeah, I don't have much to say either.  Lucy, how are things going?
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  • Hi FlgBride,

    Thanks for asking. Up and down. We are navigating learning as much as we can about bipolar and getting him on the right meds. The big issues right now are for him to understand how much its impacted me (i've never let this on before, and wasnt really even aware of how often i was pushing my feelings down or walking on eggshells). And we're also working on getting him to really track and evaluate his moods, energy, etc so that we'll be able to tell the Dr. what is/isnt working. He's so used to feeling like crap, that he doesnt know to expect to feel normal. What is normal really when you've been depressed or had emotional instability for 44 years? I keep telling him, you shouldnt have to try so hard to have a good day, but that is all he's ever known.

    Our counselor has been very helpful. I've told a few friends and am planning on telling my mom this week. He just told a few friends today. So hopefully we'll both have a support network to help us through this. I wish I could say that its as easy as just flipping a switch, he takes his meds and its all better, but its not. So to be totally honest, I'm up and down and that is scary. I was in a real funk today, but am feeling much better right now. I need to stop reading all the bipolar links that I find online and about how 90% of bipolar marriages end in divorce. Thats just not helpful and everyone's case is unique. I love him so much and want to be supportive. I'd love for both of us to be able to fulfill our dreams that originally brought us together. So I'm prayerful and just trying to take it one day at a time right now.

    Wow, that was a rambling response.  So sorry for the long response. Aren't you glad you asked?! LOL

    Hope you are well and hi to everyone else on here too. I hope to be back TTC with ya'll in a few months. :)


  • Lucy I have had the two of you in my prayers daily..It sounds like you are now headed in the right direction..the downfall is you are is not like flipping a switch. The meds do take some time to work. But I think knowing that he is taking the meds and there is light at the end of the tunnel should help change your mood a little.

    Hang in there.You are one tough woman. I know you can do this. Don't read the statistics..take one day at a time and know you are strong woman.

    Please come back here often and update us..we miss you and care!

    "Onward"--CathyMD Waiting since 07/5/2011 for our forever child! Yep we are adopting!
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