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I Really Need Some Insight...

So...I have had an absolute terrible time breastfeeding. It was really important to me to do it and I have done everything I can do to make it work. I was doing well working through the extreme pain I am in, visiting a LC each week, etc. But my baby cries all of the time when she isn't sleeping or eating. I am serious when I estimate it is 90% of her awake time. I have had a feeling that it is something in my diet so for the past couple of weeks I have been eliminating things and eating a wide variety of foods and have tried gripe water and everything that is recommended and nothing is helping.

Several time a day - especially when I am curling my toes and shuffling my feet as she latches or when she is red-faced screaming - I think about trying formula to see if that will help. I am not at the point that I am ready to give up if I am not certain that is my diet that's causing her fussiness so I don't want to do anything that will mess up my supply, but I am curious to see if formula will help her to feel better. I know they say supplementing with formula will decrease supply - but what if I am pumping at the time that she is having her bottle of formula? Shouldn't that keep my supply up? I just don't want to make a decision I can't go back on.

My next appointment with the Dr isn't until January, and I go to see the LC again next week so I will bring this up then, but I thought I'd run it by you girls first. Any advice on this would be really helpful if any of you have any insight into it or experience with a similar situation. I am really at a crossroads on what to do - I just want that happy baby that I see a glimpse of every once and a while!

Sorry for the ramble!

Re: I Really Need Some Insight...

  • My baby is the same way, before she got on medicine she would cry for hours on end. She has acid reflux you may want to take LO in to see if its that. I thought i was eating something wrong and was getting over whelmed so i stopped breast feeding I regret it now. Because even when I switced to formula she is still very fussy! I had to go on zoloft because it really got me down. But its getting a little better im just hoping with time she will out grow it. Good Luck (((hugs))) Hang in there 
  • Also I have tried gripe water, mylicon, bouncy seat, $140 swing, swaddling, warm baths, massage(she hates), pacifier sometimes nothing helps except cuddling her for hours!


    Ps- PM if you want to chat more I feel you pain

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  • Where are you in Canada?  Are you near Toronto?  I might have some geographical advice?  
  • No, I am in Atlantic Canada - New Brunswick.
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