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2 month old BFing

How often does/did your 2 month old eat?

Re: 2 month old BFing

  • Every 2 hours except one longer stretch at night (usually only about 4 hours even then). Same now as it was then (though his adjusted age right now is still 2.5 months).
  • On my days off she eats every 3 hours or so, and she sleeps 8-9 hours in the night.  On a work day she eats twice in the morning after 6-7 hours of sleep (5:30am & 7:30am), nothing until mid-late afternoon when I come home, then she eats every 2 hours for about 30 mins on each breast.  Complicated enough?   : )
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  • When DD was 2 months old, she was still eating every 2 hours all day long (she also still took an hour to eat -- 30 minutes per side).  She would go longer at night -- maybe 6 hours or so.
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  • He's been eating once every 4 hours.  He will sometimes go 6 hours at night and DH will give him a 5oz bottle when he wakes up.  Then he will wake up 2 hours later and I'll nurse him.
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