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Anyone here have the Swine Flu?

I think DH may have it.  Just curious if it's that or just the regular flu..  His symptoms are: headache, pain in chest (he says kinda like heartburn), achy, diarrhea, chills, and fever of 101.8, but no cold/coughy symptoms. 

I've called his dr about the symptoms to see if they want to see him or prescribe something.  We'll see.   

This really screws up our TTC this week.  He better get better soon. 


Re: Anyone here have the Swine Flu?

  • I'm sorry:(  I hope he gets better soon. 

    My niece had swine flu, but they only know that becuase she has a chronic immune problem - otherwise most doctors won't test and tell you to treat it the same as you would the regular flu...

  • It doesn't sound like swine flue if the chest pain is like that, Swine flu includes shortness of breath, hard time breathing.  It really attacks the lungs in ways the regular flu doesn't.

    He should still be seen by his Dr. since he has a fever.  Sorry about missing TTC this month.

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