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Early Symptoms

I have always wanted twins and I am curious about you folk. Tell me, did you have some symptoms early on that made you think you were carrying multiples, or symptoms that were explained when you found out? Was your + very dark? Were your symptoms worse that a singleton pregnancy?

Feed my daydreams!

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Re: Early Symptoms

  • I had no morning sickness and barely sore boobs...ultrasound is the only way to know

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  • As pp mentioned ultrasound would be the only way to know :) 

     We're all different- for myself I only found out at 18 weeks that I was carrying multiple at a regular scheduled ultrasound, not because of any weight gain, symptoms, etc...

    I think I was nauseas for the first trimester and soar boobs, but that was it for me, nothing major :)

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  • No symptoms at all, I never even had a day of morning sickness.  As the pp said, u/s is the only way to know. 

    And as a side note, since you mentioned that you have always wanted twins, you may want to read up on the risks of having a multiple pregnancy.  Our bodies are not built to carry more than one and a twin pregnancy is automatically considered high risk.  You are pretty much guaranteed not to make it to 40 weeks.  Most twins are born around 35 weeks and the majority require some NICU time.  I would not wish that on anyone...So hope for one healthy baby.  GL!

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  • I had wicked sore boobs and terrible morning sickness but you could have that with a singleton.  I was not big for for dates - in fact I am still not really showing.  I was shocked to find out about my twins at my 11 week ultrasound.

    I agree with pp.  i went from being a normal healthy pregnant person to high risk overnight.  I have way more restrictions and fears now then I did before. 

    I am grateful for my twins and so in love with them but I am also scared everyday and each week I stay pregnant is a victory.

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  • I agree with the PPs, though I will say my home pregnancy test line was VERY dark at 13 days post-ovulation, and my beta at 16 days post-ovulation was high, 292.
  • No indication of multiples except seeing two babies at 19 week U/S.

    A multiples pregnancy is very hard and high risk, not the stuff of daydreams. 

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  • No symptoms at all really.  My HPT was very dark at 12dpo and I had high betas. That was the only indication. Plus I had 4 follices at my IUI so we knew it was a definite possibility.

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  • No symptoms really, my only clues were that my betas were high - 14dpo I was at 403 and 16dpo I was at 885 - and my progesterone was double what they considered 'normal' at 40.6 (They said normal was 20). M/S hit pretty hard almost as soon as we found out there were 2.
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  • Thanks for the responses.  Regarding the comments about how I need to think about the risks:  they are just daydreams.  I did not take any steps to try to get multiples.  I nannied for twins a long while back and have wanted them ever since.  I can still hope for two babies, can't I?
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    Missed miscarriage 12/26/11 at 12 weeks
  • You can hope for two babies or be happy to be pregnant with one.  Both scenarios are blessings. And I think its hard for alot of us to understand the daydreaming of twins things because we are actually living it-  the fear of carrying two babies to term and the reality of raising two babies at one time.


    But to answer your question- no I didnt have any symptoms that would have lead me to believe I was carrying twins. I actually only had one mature follicle the day before my IUI and one that was almost matured.  That other follicle clearly did mature over night and resulted in my multiple pregnancy.




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  • everything was normal for me...didn't find out we were having twins until our regular 20 week ultrasound
  • I did, and honestly was having thoughts that it might be twins before my first U/S.  I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

    Around 4 weeks along, I got morning sickness, which got really bad, really quick.  I also had very tender, full boobs and my hormones were like out of control.  It was weird.

    I had NO symptoms with my son, so I was wondering what was up.

     My belly wasn't any bigger though and my positive wasn't any darker.  I got a SUPER faint positive at 10 DPO (which I have read is the norm for even singleton pregnancies)

    When my OB measured my belly at my first appointment at 11 weeks, I was actually measuring 10 weeks, so that wasn't an indicator either.  But as soon as she put the ultrasound wand in (trans vag) 2 big white blobs popped up right away!

    GL either way!

  • Sorry to say that I didn't have any symptoms before week 7.  It was our first pregnancy so I am not sure if it was any different.  GL!!
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