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My pump is dying!

I'm in a bit of a panic. I EP and I've been noticing that my Medela Pump in Style seems to be dropping a bit in the suction department. I thought it was my imagination at first, but Friday night I turned on my pump and it was barely doing anything! I called Medela but of course being the Holiday weekend they were closed. I know it's not something as simple as a hole in the tubes or faulty membranes. Thankfully my husband was able to tinker with it a bit and it seemed to help at first, now it's slowing down again. I put a call into Medela right away this morning and am awaiting a reply. I bought it in 07 for my first born and used it for a full year. Now that I'm EP-ing for my second baby I'm freaking out because I'll be screwed if this pump dies on me. I expected that it would last through more than one baby considering the $$$ I paid. Has anyone had any experience with this? Do you know if Medela will fix it? Do you have to send it somewhere or can you take it in? Will they give you a replacement while yours is being fixed?
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