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If you work and pump ...

Does daycare warm your breast milk up for LO or do they serve it cold?
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BFP #1 9/25/08 - m/c at 8 1/2 weeks <P>
BFP #2 1/24/09 - Henry born 10/13/09 at 40 weeks, 4 days <P>
BFP #3 6/12/11 - Benjamin born 2/12/12 at 38 weeks, 3 days <P>

Re: If you work and pump ...

  • Ours warmed it a bit for the first few months and then he didn't seem to care so he drank it cold.  I would have them try it cold first just to see because it's nice to have that flexibility, but if it doesn't work they can always warm it.
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  • She pulls it out an hour before so it becomes room temp.
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  • It's warmed a bit in a glass of hot water.  DS won't take it straight from the fridge but it doesn't have to be really warm either.
  • For #1, they warmed it in a cup of warm water. The put formula bottles in a crock pot of water, but I had noticed when I did my original walk through that the water in the crock pot was boiling, so I specifically told them NO crock pot warming!!
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