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So engorged at night

My little guy is now sleeping for a five or six hour stretch at night (yay!) but I wake up well before he does because my boobs are so full and I'm uncomfortable!

Then he doesn't eat much at night - he falls back to sleep after eating for awhile, so my breasts still aren't empty, not even close. The past few days I've pumped in the morning just to empty them, and then he gets a bottle for his first feeding instead of the breast.

Just wondering what you do when your LO sleeps for a long time without eating ... would it be better to pump before I go to bed? Or do I just have to deal and eventually my body will get used to him sleeping longer?


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Re: So engorged at night

  • Personally, I would pump before bed. If anything you can save this milk for a freezer stash or bottles for when you are unable to nurse.

    He may be sleeping this long now, but he'll change his routine again before you know it. I found that to be true in my case..and then he was up in the middle of the night nursing away.

    Your body WILL regulate once he regularly sleeps through the night (usually around 4-7 months old)... but for now, you have an oppertunity to build a supply (if you need it).

  • if he sleeps that long, he usually only eats one side and i pump the other side after he's done.  its annoying, but its how i get the most milk to add to my stash cause he usually eats both sides
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  • Mine were like that too. AFter 5 nights of the stead 5 hr sleep stretch -- my breasts have seem to regulate and arent as engorged. I wouldnt pump unless you need the xtra milk. Your body will get used to it & start producing the right amount.
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