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  • I'm doing well! :) Thanks for asking. Looks like Emma will not be coming early unless she decides to come early all on her own. I had bloodwork done this morning, and thankfully, my platelets went up a little bit...they are still low, but not low enough to consider an early induction. Then I went straight to the OB and had an internal...still no progress :( The doctor said that while losing the mucous plug usually means dilation, but not always. I guess I'm in that "not always" category!

    Anyway, I am holding up...still suffering from this miserable cold I have and just getting very antsy overall. But trying to be patient and remind myself that I still have a whole week before my due date so I can't get too desperate yet.

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  • Well I'm glad your platelets went up! That sucks that there's no progress, but it happens to a lot of people and then BOOM a lot of progress out of nowhere! 

    I hope you feel completely better before there's any progress though. That way you'll be 100% for Emma! Hang in there, she's almost here!:)

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  • Just chiming in here--I was a "BOOM" patient!  I went in for my 40 week appointment.  Not progress what so ever.  Doctor laughed at me and said he would see me at my 41st week appointment.  That night I went into labor!
  • Thanks girls :) I really hope I'm a boom patient too!
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