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? about redness/rashes

Madison has started to get red by her face/mouth (and nowhere else). I know that redness in the face can be common and am assuming this is due to drooling/pacifiers, etc.

I guess I am wondering how common this is and what is the symptoms of an allergy? Redness all over?  She's never been allergic to anything or had a breakout before so I'm not sure what this is.....

Anyone have the mouth redness (really upper lip between the nose)? Did you go to the doctor for this?

No fever, and she's in good spirits but I am ready to get her in the doctor tomorrow just to check it out.   


Re: ? about redness/rashes

  • mady has had this before...it could be a little eczema - use some aveeno or lubriderm on her. it could also be related to the drooling and paci as you mentioned.

    a couple of months ago i started noticing tons of small rashes around her chin and mouth, that came with a fever...it turned out to be hand foot and mouth disease. the bumps also started showing around her hands and feet and inside her mouth.

    if she seems to be eating fine with no fever i wouldnt worry too much, but if i were you and you are worried just to be safe id have her seen by her pedi.


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  • I have the same problem with A. Sometimes his face looks horrible because his cheeks are really red, sometimes it looks perfect. I think it's the drool that builds there while they sleep (that's what me pedi said and it makes sense). GL! I hope it's just that and nothing else.
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  • Mikey used to get that from drooling a lot when he was teething. When it got really bad I'd put some Aquaphor on the area and it would help with the redness. Aquaphor is GREAT stuff
  • Thank you- I think I am going to pick up some Aquaphor (sp?) after work; she has no redness on feet/hands, etc. to make me think it is something worse than a rash or a fever.  She just got in her bottom teeth and the drooling has been bad.....     
  • The girls said what I was going to! Since her bottom teeth just came in I would chalk it up to teething but think you are in the right to get it checked out the next time you are at your doctor's just in case. I hope the Aquaphor works! Also, it may be chaffed skin because of the weather.

    Sophie and I both get wind burns on our lips when the weather cools down so if it correlates with the change in temperature, too, clean it and add a little vaseline to the area - especially before her naps and bedtime. If she was drooling a lot and then it got cold that area may have gotten chaffed a bit.

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  • Zachary had this around his mouth/nose along with some little bumpy spots too. Kind of like acne. He has also had eczema on his face in the past. I haven't noticed it too much lately though, but I agree with everyone else. I didn't think to use Aquaphor on it before but I definitely will the next time it happens.
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