TTC after 35 IUI this cycle

Due to a technicality! I am so disappointed. Our clinic requires a million things to be done before proceeding including DH blood work which we totally forgot about. There is no chance they will have results before my CD3 which is tomorrow. The nurse wasn't that nice about it either, saying we had plenty of time to get everything done (which is true but it still stung).


Re: IUI this cycle

  • Oh that sucks. I'm sorry you don't have some mean nurse to blame. Sounds like something I would do - even when something is anticpated such as this. Get him to get his blood work over and done with so that you can get ready for next month.
  • That stinks.  Good luck with the next cycle.
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  • That is so disappointing!  I'm sorry that your nurse wasn't nicer.  I haven't begun treatments, but have friends who have gone through it.  It seems very overwhelming and I would think the nurse would be a bit more understanding!

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  •  I'm sorry you can't do your IUI.   I agree with PP, you'd the nurse would be more understanding. I'd want to kick her in the baby maker.  Was it really necessary for her to be condescending?

  • I'm sorry to hear that:(  I'd be really annoyed by that nurse.
  • same thing happened to me last year...I was so disappointed, to think that we're still at it a year later is a bit surreal.

    Sorry that you got tripped up too.


    TTC since July 2007 a year on our own, 7 IUIs spread out over 2 years, all BFN IVF attempt #1 - September - antagonist protocol, called off CD8 due too poor response IVF attempt #2 - November - called off on CD11 due to low estrogen IVF attempt #3 - started stims Jan 25th...converted/cancelled Jan 31st...SWITCHED BACK TO IVF Feb 3rd! ER Feb 7th...lets DO this! ET Feb 12th, Beta #1 141, Beta #2 356, u/s #1 hb 141 bpm, u/s at 7 weeks 1 day no hb, missed m/c. So sad. IVF #4 scheduled for June 2011, last chance, this is it
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