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Happy Holiday Drama

What is it about the holidays that bring out the best in people...and the worst at the same time? No matter how hard we try there is never a lack of some kind of drama at either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

This year my drama included:

- Sophie getting a fever 2 days before Thanksgiving.

- My grandmother not going to Thanksgiving dinner because my aunt annoys her. Yeah, she chose to miss Thanksgiving with her only great grandchild.

- My aunt not inviting my cousin, girlfriend, and baby because "there was not enough room."

When stuff like this happens my brother in law likes to channel Frank Sinatra and croon, "Happy Holidays...." It would be real nice sometimes for certain people to realize how blessed they are and just enjoy the moment and put away the drama for a day.


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Re: Happy Holiday Drama

  • This year was the only year Drama - free!!  Of course, that's because my in-laws were out of the country :0)
  • I had a lot of anxiety building up to dinner time.  We started off the night at my parents' house... but the problem is that I hadn't spoken to my dad since Aug due to something SUPER petty that he totally blew out of proportion, and then he decided to act like a teenager and ignore me.  And me ignoring him back and not speaking to him of course didnt' help.  I really wanted to just skip their house all together. 

    But alas we did go, and he acted like nothing happened, and well, I guess that incident is behind us now... which I'm thankful for.  It was a huge cloud over my head.

    -- Jackie
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  • this year it was pretty drama free, considering we had dinner at our house...which was so absolutely amazing!

    i do have one comment though...dh called ils the day before and invited them over at 2pm. they showed up at 5pm...needless to say we had dinner without them and they had leftovers. oh well, can't say they'll ever learn how to time themselves and we were not going to wait for them and have mady eat by herself. they do this every year - they're always the last to show up, many many hours after.

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  • Thanksgiving was pretty much drama free- except that when I went to go make my apple pie I realized the peeler was missing....yup- so I ran out to Walmart to get one (and since it was the only thing open it was packed!).

    I spent my morning braving the crowds to come home and spend 2 hours preparing/baking a pie and cookies but it was worth it....I love my apple pie  Smile    

  • This year was pretty drama free because we didn't go over DH's aunt's house (WAAYYYY too much drama there!). We went to my mom's so the only real drama was that my aunt (mom's sister) and cousin showed up totally out of the blue from out of town to "surprise us". We all hate surprises LOL. But everything turned out good!
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  • well, ours was drama filled!  i had to take abby to the er (peter was at work, but he met me there) and while we were there, my uncle decided to surprise everyone by showing up.  noone would thought he would go since he was at sylvester all week being treated for an infection and getting chemo.  well, he showed up, so i couldn't go back to my mom's, so abby and i had thanksgiving at home (which was totally fine, she was too tired to be with 20 people.)  but, while we were gone, half of our family decided that christmas this year owuld be celebrated on the 26th.  W.  T.  F???  Yeah, I was pissed.  DH works that day, and the 26th is NOT christmas.  My grandmother is PISSED, my mom is PISSED, so they're trying to get my aunt to switch it back to the 25th.  the thing is, my aunt thinks she's in charge of the family.  Oh, and my uncle has not called my u ncle with cancer since he was diagnosed, and didn't even talk to him throughout the meal and my aunt just decided to up and leave wtihotu even saying goodbye to people.  I'm actually kinda glad i missed it this year... lol
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