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So ladies who have experienced this...what is the cost for IVF?  My insurance doesn't cover IVF and basically that may be our next option to explore if IUI #3 doesn't work.

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  • I am just starting the IVF with ICSI route.  The RE my ob/gyn sent me to is $15k plus drugs ($3-5k).  My insurance does pay 85% of drugs after deductible.  I like the RE, but I have a second appointment for today with another RE.  There are two other women on the board using this second clinic - it is more like $10k, plus if the first IVF doesn't work, they don't charge doctor's fees for the second IVF.  So I am shopping around.  I do really like the first RE alot and they seem to really have it together.  But it is so expensive and I am trying to be realistic in that most people don't succeed the 1st time.

    So even though I have an appointment with a second RE this afternoon, I am having a hysteroscopy today with the first RE this morning.  Can't control the timing!

    Good luck.

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  • My RE quoted a price of $10,000.
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  • Mine is $9500 + cost of meds (about $2-3K). They also have shared risk but I am too old to participate (have to be able to complete 6 cycles before age 40).
  • Someone just asked this on IF so I copied and pasted my response- I hope this works.  It's all our cost at Cornell

    Cost at Cornell (you might now need them all but I listed them anyway):

    IVF- 8900  (not sure if that covers the blood test/ultrasounds because they charge them separately- there are about 3-4 ultrasounds at $300 each plus bloodwork ranges- about $50-100 each)
    ICSI- 2500
    Assisted Hatching: 1000 (might be 1500 - can't remember)
    Freezing leftover embryos- 1000
    Hospital fee- 1000
    Anesthesia- 750 (for egg retrieval)
    Drugs- It depends on what they put you on and how high a dose. I took a lot so mine might be on the higher end (450 Gonal F, 150 menopur, 20 units micro lupron) plus the climara patch, HCG, antibiotics for you and DH and one other steroid and progesterone.  All that cost about $3500.  Insurance did cover the antibiotics (which are like $8 anyway). 

    It is a lot of money- If you're all OOP, there are many girls who have donated meds after they got pregnant and I definitely benefitted from their generosity so I highly recommend that.  All the drugs I received were new and sealed.  A woman on this board coordinates all the nesties who donate- she posts about once a week- I can track down her e-mail when you need it if you can't find it.  


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  • Mine is a flat rate of $8800, then add meds ($3,000) approx and we do pregenetic diagnostics which is another ($4250). Insurance covers some of the meds, but not all. In general, we spend around $15,000 all total, per cycle.
    1 ectopic 3 m/c's prior to 5/05 Un-freaking-explained IF 5/05 IVF, BFN 9/05 FET 3d5e, BFP = Beautiful Baby Girl (lucky pg #5) 8/08 Fet 3d5e, cp 12/08 IVF with PGD, transfer 3, BFN 5/09 FET transfer 4, BFN Hail Mary IUI with Follistim 9/11 BFP; 9/22 confirmed tubal/MTX 4/10 FET 3d5e, BFP!!!! m/c 5/26/10 1 year break and yet another m/c 5/11 FET #5 initial beat 121, second beta 7 Lap and removal of L tube and very mild endo 7/11 Suprise BFP 12/11 & m/c @ 8 wks. After 11 losses and one beautiful miracle our journey is over, we are thankful and at peace.
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