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DD biting down.. help please

DD just started clamping down during nursing. I'm pretty sure she's just starting to teeth, she's super drooly, her bottom gums are rounded now and she's 'chewing' on toys and her fingers. During BF she's started clamping down on my nipple and it hurts like hell! I know she's not old enough to understand that it hurts me but I need help. My nipples hurt because she's been doing this for a few days. I've been just taking her off and relatching her. When she continues to bite down instead of suck then I take her off and we try again later... any other ideas?

Re: DD biting down.. help please

  • This just started happening to us this weekend. I was advised (by BFing mom friends) to remove the baby and wait a few minutes before trying again. This might be a supply issue... sometimes they do it to trigger let down if they aren't getting any milk. check kellymom for some helpful info!
  • My DD used to do this too when her first teeth were coming in.  (Fortunately, she doesn't do it anymore!) 

    Some things that helped:

    *let her play with my hair or necklace

    *made an EH noise that surprised her but didn't upset her.  Took her off if she kept going

    *You might think I'm crazy, but Itried to help her be patient by tapping on her back or leg before I let down.  She would often bite before I let down, so I would tap when she started sucking, then tap tap when I could feel it just starting, then tap Tap TAP once I let down.  I really think this helped her manners! 

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