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Has anyone taken Reglan to increase supply?

I'm only pumping 3oz every 3hrs and my chubby LO is eating 4oz every 3hrs..sometimes he eats every 2.5hrs. I just can't keep up-my nurse suggested Reglan to help increase it.

What are your thoughts? 

Re: Has anyone taken Reglan to increase supply?

  • I haven't taken it but I had a friend who had a bad reaction to it so I personally would be wary. Do you BF too or are you EPing? Have you tried all of the natural/non medication ideas on here to increase your supply first? Like oatmeal, lactation cookies, fungreek and power pumping? Kellymom.com also has a lot of great ideas to increase supply. If you have tried those and you feel comfortable trying the Reglan then that may be what you have to do to keep BFing. GL!!

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  • I heard that about the reglan so i dont want to take it. I am also BF and pumping as well. What is power pumping and how do you do it?
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  • I took reglan for a week because my doc wouldnt prescribe it for any longer. It worked well for the week, but then I went back down in supply. I didnt have any side effects though! I am now taking domperidone, I just started and I see a little bit of a difference.

    Oh and for me, fenugreek worked well too- might want to try that first. PM me if you have any questions!! GL

  • What you pump and what you're giving LO is totally different. Your pump will never give you what your baby can nurse.

    I take Reglan but that's after about 4 months of working on supply issues. I tried mothers milk tea, more milk plus, fenugreek etc.

    I suggest going the natural route first. You're early in the game and your body hasn't even regulated on supply yet. 

    Are you nursing at all? Nursing exclusivly for many days, can help increase your supply.

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