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anything I can do for constipation??

I don't know if it is because we have traveled a lot recently, but poor B is constipated.  He is 5.5 mos old and still EBF-  we have not started solids.  When I say constipation I mean it is 4 days+ between poops, which can be normal, but when he goes it is thicker and lumpy with some solid pellets & lumps mixed throughout.

Anyway-  this is new and I was wondering if it could be a dietary thing on my part? or if travel could do it? and if anyone has suggestions besides the 1oz juice with 1oz water trick.


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Re: anything I can do for constipation??

  • I'd just call your pediatrician.  Good luck!
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  • i don't have any other rec's besides 1-2oz diluted prune juice.  but my DS regularly goes 11+ days without pooping (EBF).  pedi isn't concerned as long as he is comfortable and not sick/vomiting.  pedi did rec the juice once it's been 5-6 days and i do that.  i give the juice in the evening and usually he poops by morning.

    i would call your pedi and see what they have to say...


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