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kcita - daycare update?

I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how your new daycare is going. Are you glad you made the switch? How has it been taking DS on the metro? I know you were very torn with the decision to move him but I hope it has worked out well for you.

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Re: kcita - daycare update?

  • Miss Kendra!

    Oh I forgot to post! It's been good, but crazy in it's own way. DH, DS and I huff it on the metro every morning, which does give us some additional family time. Not sure if it's really "quality" time, but it is what it is. DS loves to look around and watch everyone. I love that I can pop in and visit him during my lunch break. Overall, we still like the old daycare better as it had more of a family feel to it and there weren't as many kids in DS' class. But we're managing okay and it beats rushing to pick him up (or worse- having staff wait for us).

  • Well, I'm glad it's working out for you. I know it was always so stressful trying to pick him up on time. It's nice that you can see him at lunch time as well. And it probably just feels good having him closer.

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