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Epidurals dont work for me...birth story

I delivered my second child on November 20th at 5:52pm...she weighed 8lbs 12.6oz and was 21 3/4 inches long.  Here is my story that ultimately ends with my epidural not working and myself progressing super quick...for the second time (induction with our first ending with quick progression and epidural not working)

We scheduled our induction for when I would be 41 weeks...I would be induced only with pitocin and knew in my gut that things would go fairly similar to DS birth.  We arrived at the hospital at 7am and waited around until 9 when they finally put my IV in and started the pitocin.  Our OB came in to check me and told us we were 3cm and 70% effeaced...we quickly got the feeling that our OB was very busy that day and that this induction would be set according to her schedule (my biggest issue with inductions).  So, IV is in and Pitocin is flowing by 9:30am with it being upped every 20 minutes or so.  I figured the pitocin would bring on some major contractions and started preparing myself for the next 6-8 hours.  Everything was going fine and I was only in minor pain until our doctor finally made it to our room to break my water at 3:30pm...I knew that since the pitocin was not bringing on major contractions that having my membranes ruptured would definitely do the trick...so I asked for an epidural before things got a little crazy.  At this point I was a "stretchy" 3cm and completely effaced. 

I received the epidural by 4:30pm...just as the contractions were really getting bad...I felt relief instantly and thought I was going to get by with minimal pain from the contractions...I was wrong...again.  Just like our sons labor, I started feeling pain in my left side with it slowly intensifying.  The nurse ended up giving me two boluses as well as a visit from the anesthesiologst who injected me with something more potent right into my IV...all of this and no relief!  I remember panicking because I knew what I was in for it and knew things were going to progress super fast and be super painful.  I had total control of my legs by 5:15pm and experienced the worst pain ever in my life, I asked to be checked and was 8cm with the baby still a little high.  Contractions continued to worsen with pressure slowly increasing in my bottom by 5:30pm...at 5:45pm I had the urge to push and could not control it...nurse checked me and I was complete...nurse frantically ran out into the hall yelling for our OB...in the meantime...I was somewhat yelling in pain and remember thinking to myself that I could not handle one more contraction like the previous ones and just started pushing uncontrollably.  Doctor finally arrived and within 3 pushes our baby girl arrived.  So to recap...my water was ruptured at 3:30pm while being a "stretchy" 3cm...epidural in at 4:30pm with it wearing off after 30ish minutes...8cm at 5:30...10cm at 5:45 and Georgia was born at 5:52pm...same thing happened with DS's delivery...they say I progress so quickly that the epidural cant keep up with it...I have to say that I had no idea that I could experience pain like that...the pain was no where near as intense with our first...thank goodness we forget!

So DD is a week and 3 days old...recovery has been a breeze and I attribute that to only having a 1st degree tear (2nd degree with DS). 

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Re: Epidurals dont work for me...birth story

  • Congrats!!

    I had the same experience with DS (my second)...I went from 5 cm to complete very quickly and my epidural failed.  I just don't think it ever had time to fully kick in (I delivered about 45 minutes after I got it put in - when I was at 5 cm still). But recovery was SO easy with #2 thankfully.

    My two PCOS miracles! Lilypie Kids Birthday tickersLilypie Kids Birthday tickers
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