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How to wean...

My milk production has been really low ever since DS was born.  I have been supplementing with formula since day 2.  It is getting harder by the day and DS is needing more, which means we're supplementing more with formula at each feeding.  It's become a huge point of stress for me, which I'm sure the baby is feeling.  I really wanted it to work, but I think it's time to give up on the BFing and just use formula, for both our sanities.

So how do I go about weaning him off BFing?  I'm pretty sure we can't just go "cold turkey"... but I don't know the process.  How long does it take for my milk to dry up?  Any tips and advice are greatly welcomed.  Thanks!

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  • I'm in this process right now and it's painful. ?I didn't really know how to go about it so I'm looking forward to the replies to your post. ?So far, I've just pumped for relief but they get really lumpy and hurt pretty bad. ?I've also stuck frozen cabbage leaves in my bra to help b/c that was advice I'd received. ?I'm not sure if it really works though... ?good luck!
  • My XP on the 0-3 board has got a couple responses here if you're interested... but I would love anyone else's advice too.

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  • The advice I've heard is to drop one feeding at a time and wait several days before dropping the next.  Pump or nurse just enough to relieve engorgement/discomfort if you need to.  Your body will gradually get the message.

    Though if your milk supply really is slowly decreasing, you could consider just letting it run its course naturally and not try to expedite things.


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  • I was in your shoes but I stuck with it and found that at 2.5 months I was making more milk. We still have to supplement probably 50% of our days but 50% I am making enough breast milk. It just took a while to get there. Either way, good luck! I'm looking at weaning now too and it doesn't look easy either.

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