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Pack N Play Question

We live in a smaller home and our Pack N Play takes up so much room.  I am trying to determine how long to keep it up full time.  We no longer use the Newborn Napper, but we still use the changing station.  We will not be using that feature as much once my maternity leave ends.  Do you think it's beneficial to keep it up to use as a playpen or put it up and down as needed?  How often did you all use yours after 3 months of age?  Once we take down the Pack N Play - we are planning on getting some sort of toy storage for that area.

Re: Pack N Play Question

  • I know what you mean about living in a small house and wanting to take it down, but, you will want it a lot more when baby becomes mobile.  Trust me! 

    I used it occasionally when DD was a lot younger (she's 10 months now), but now that she is all over the place, crawling and standing, we use it a few times a day when we need to keep her safe while we do something.  We have toys that we pretty much only keep in her pack 'n' play, so she only plays with them when she's in there. That way they are new to her and she doesn't mind being in there for a few minutes at a time.

    I keep thinking about how great it will be to take it down and have room to put up a bookshelf for her books and toys, but we really use it too much to not have it readily available.  And we just found out we have baby #2 on the way, so I feel like we'll never take it down.  It's like a piece of furniture in our family room.  :-) 

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  • DD is 13 mo old and we still have ours up; we don't use it much anymore but we did use it a lot past the 3 mo mark. She does not like to be "contained" much anymore but once in a while we'll put her in there. Although we don't really use the changing part anymore, she's over 22lbs.

    As pp said, you'll want it later once she's crawling/running around and you need a few minutes to have her contained in a safe place.

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