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Breastfeeding feels like bee stings!

My son is almost four weeks, and it still hurts like heck.  I feel like I'm being stung by a bee every time he sucks.  I already have a message in to the hospital lactation consultant to set up an appointment, but people are trying to tell me that the "bee sting" sensation is normal.  Is it? If so, I am going to have to endure this for a year, and that seems extremely uncomfortable and painful.

Re: Breastfeeding feels like bee stings!

  • When I feed it doesn't really hurt on the one DS is sucking from but my other one will have that stinging tingly sensation too.

    Have you tried putting any cream on it?  It helps a little, or even just rubbing some of your breast milk around the nipple. 

  • I found BF to hurt like hell for about 8 weeks.  :(  The good news is that it's now completely pain-free.  It will get better--even though it seems like that's not possible!
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  • It shouldn't hurt, maybe discomfort but not pain.  You'll figure it out and it will get better.   I had pain until 4 weeks, until our latch was corrected and thrush (from GBS antibiotics) was treated.
  • You're only 4 weeks in!  It might still be normal to have pain like that.  Your nipples have never had someone sucking on them for hours a day -- they need time to toughen up!!

    It could be thrush, though, or a bad latch.  Definitely talk to a LC so you can get it fixed if it is a problem.  After 6 to 8 weeks, it shouldn't hurt, so hang in there!

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  • My nipples still hurt like that at 4 weeks but now (almost 8 weeks) I have no pain at all. I can't remember exactly when the pain stopped. My lactation consultant said that it would get easier as LO's mouth grows a bit bigger and it did.
  • I had that feeling also and it turns out it was thrush.
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  • i'm still in pain. my nipples are so pink and sore and i'm in week 4. even now, they sting a bit in my shirt...even going shirtless doesn't work, because i eventually brush something up against a nipple and it is worse! 

    i just do two bottles a day and pump those times to give me a break. i just hope it's a "toughening up" issue, and i'm crossing my fingers that happens soon! 

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