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I think I remember you posting pics of your DD spelling "DAD" with the white craft letters (for father's day maybe?). Did you just buy those at Michaels or something of the like? I'd like to pull together a similar project for DH for Xmas but wasn't sure where to start. I'm not the craftiest tool in the box.

And congrats on your pregnancy! :-)

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Re: babypuplove

  • Yes, it was me!  Good memory. I bought large white letters at either Michael's or AC Moore.  I know I went to both places and one was out of the A and D letters, so I went to the other.  They both carry them so you shouldn't have a problem since it isn't close to Father's Day. 

    By the way, thanks for the congrats! Smile

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  • I know, so random that I remember but it was such a cute idea! I'll hit up AC Moore and Michael's tomorrow, thanks for the info. Hopefully Nathalie will cooperate and let me take her picture--she is crawling up a storm now and hates to sit still. :-)

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