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gift ideas for 1st birthday-

I'm trying to Christmas shop for the girls that I nanny- the youngest is also turning ONE (I can't believe it) on the 22nd :-)

I think it is hard because I know what her big sister has that is being passed on to her SO... there is a ton she already has.

I am getting her the Fisher Price Animal Sounds Farm for Christmas...any other ideas for her birthday?? Thanks!


Re: gift ideas for 1st birthday-

  • Something personalized with her name maybe? Since she is already getting a lot of stuff from her sister- I'm sure a personalized gift would be good- like a sippy cup (they sell them at Babies R Us) or a book?


  • Someone gave my girls a book when they were born that was personalized for them.  I think one of them was animals picking out a name, and each page they would find a letter, and in the end they spelled my child's name.  The girls love having a book about themselves.


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