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Is this a reasonable plan?

I met with my OB/GYN a couple of weeks ago for the "where to do we go from here" discussion. I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma in August and I am currently taking medication to keep it under control. My level is now pretty normal and the length of ?my cycles are now 25-26 days. After my last loss in June I underwent diagnostic testing to find out the reason for the loss but also to prepare myself to conceive again...confidently.

I did have an HSG in August and there were no concerns. I also had two pelvic ultrasounds, the first showed a small cyst which disappeared on it's own by the second ultrasound six weeks later. ?I followed up with my endocrinologist in mid October and she confirmed that my prolactin level was now considered normal with the lowest dose of Bromocriptine. She said that she would keep me on this medication through the first trimester once I became pregnant.

DH and I officially tried to conceive this month. We BD the Friday and Monday before my ovulation day which was Tuesday (a couple of weeks back) so I was really disappointed to get AF. I know I can't beat myself over this...especially since many of you have been on this TTC far longer that we have.

So the plan, according to my OB/GYN is that she will put me on progesterone once I find out I am pregnant and that they will check my betas as often as I want them to for ease of mind. She said that if I am not pregnant by March (my annual exam) then she will put me on some follicle stimulating drug but did not mention the name of THAT drug. I am guessing it's Clomid. I just turned 38 and I'm not sure that I want to wait until March. I'm really emotional right now so a lot of this may not make sense. I'm starting to wonder if I should see an RE. This is really fragmented so please ask me any questions in case something does not make sense. I trust the ladies on this board and I'm looking forward to sound advice. ?

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Re: Is this a reasonable plan?

  • I have a very biased opinion here and its yes see an RE. I started ttc the month I turned 32 so I did not anticipate issues. However I am SO glad I left my then obgyn to seek more help because as you can see from my sig we needed it. You have been successful before so there is no reason to really think you will not be again - but I just know from being in the IF trenches for so long you do not want to sit and wait, esp with a dx. Even if you do not cycle with an RE you may benefit from his/her perspective on the prolactinoma and how it can effect ttc. GL.
  • I would go to the RE if you really feel like you can't wait until March.  It would not hurt to go and see what they say, but I would go expecting them to tell you to keep TTC for around 6 months before they will intervene medically.  My OB has told me that I needed to wait one year with TTC DD (I made my RE appt on my 23rd cycle and got a BFP that month), and 6 months for this round of TTC (I just made an appt, and I am on cycle 9).  I do think it is good to have a second opinion to discover if there is anything else you can do right now to help. 
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  • I wonder why your Dr. is not recommending an RE consult, if only because of your age alone. Mine referred me to one at age 38 after only 3 months of trying.  I would definitely not wait another 4 cycles to see one. 

    Good luck TTC!  I do hope your journey is a short one!

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