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Ear infection :(

For the past few weeks Matt has had a small cold. The pedi said not to worry. Recently, Matt has been waking up in the middle of the night crying for no apparent reason.  I thought it was because he was ending up on his belly and wouldn't roll back over.  Every night I said I was going to call the pedi but he was always so happy in the morning that it seemed silly to call.  The past two days his cold has gotten much worse. Finally this morning I called and they said they could see him immediately.

Turns out he has a small ear infection. sigh. I wish I had called earlier. I feel so bad that he was suffering.  The pedi put him on antibiotics for the next ten days. Matt didn't have a fever and he felt great during the day - no difference just upset at night. So now I know to call earlier rather than later.



Re: Ear infection :(

  • Don't feel bad.  It's really hard to tell sometimes.  I've taken DD in thinking she had an ear infection when her ears turned out to be fine, and I felt silly for doing that.  Sometimes no matter what you do you feel like it wasn't the right thing.  The antibiotics work really quickly, so hopefully, your little guy will be feeling a lot better by tomorrow :)
  • I hope he feels bnetter soon!
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  • Aww Amy- I hope he feels better soon!
  • Don't feel bad, you did what any of us would have done.  I would have waited too after seeing him better during the day ...probably thinking he had a few bad dreams or was too hot in his crib or something.  We're all learning as we go along....and that's the fun/crazy part!  :o

    Hope Matt feels much better very soon ...

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  • It is hard to tell with no fever and him okay during the day.  It's good that you did catch it - he should be tons better in just a couple of days after you start the antibiotics.
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  • Hope that Matt is on the mend now.  And don't feel badly... ear infections don't always cause a fever (I know... I was the Queen of Ear Infections as a child to teenager) and you wouldn't know if he was happy otherwise.

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  • Sorry about the ear infection and I hope he feels better! I called the nurse call line about Sarah's sleeplessness and slightly elevated temperature (99.1 under arm in the afternoon) yesterday and they said not to worry. You just never know!
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