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Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

I'm not sure what to do this year about the Christmas tree!

I usually got a nice BIG tree pre-Nadia.

 Last year- I was so overwhelmed with a brand new baby that I got a natural tiny tree and decorated it pink and silver and put all baby themed ornaments on it. I was just too tired to take all my decorations out and the thought of having to put it all away after the holidays was just way too overwhelming.  

This year though- I really really really miss my decorations and I want Nadia to have a big pretty tree. That being said- I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT NADIA AND A BIG PRETTY TREE!

The child is into EVERYTHING and she doesn't quite get the word "no" or "please don't touch that" yet.

My house is small- so it's not like I have a room she doesn't go into or a place I can gate off so that she can't go near it.  

How do you guys handle an active baby and a Christmas tree?


Re: Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

  • lol, do you have a gate that you can put just around the tree? (like one of those rounded gates to close in kids so they can only play in that area). Maybe that can be an option!
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  • Our trees always looked "crappy" after we had kids. Everything under three feet didn't have ornaments -lol. My house has a huge open floor plan so there is really no way to put a gate around the tree and this year with a nearly 2 year old AND a kitten, I am scared to what will happen to my ornaments!!
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  • I have had the big real tree both years with no problem. The first year Diego was almost one and we just watch that he didn't get closer to the tree. He was pretty good about it. Last year he was almost 2 and really enjoyed helping us out putting the decorations and stuff. I also have two cats and at the beginning we just have to get them out and after a few times they won't even go around it and its amazing since they love anything green...lol



  • We put our tree up today - Eli helped (he's 4) and Chelsea (1), well, she thought the ornaments were balls.  She would say, "BALL!" and then throw it hoping it would bounce.  We wound up putting her in the highchair while we decorated.  We get a big, real tree every year, put all the nice glass, pretty ornaments up top, and all the cheapie ones on the bottom. 

    I allow my kids to explore, touch the tree and ornaments - and am just careful they don't try to knock the tree over or climb it or under it.  So far, so good.  I have a beautiful Christmas Village and train set - but won't be putting that up for the next four-five years!  I say go for it - and just watch her carfully.  Usually, when there is silence - you know the kids are up to no good.  I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow wit Chelsea :-)

  • I have always had to gave a "baby proof" tree since my cats like to remove the glass ball ornaments and play soccer with them. All of my nice breakable stuff is near the top and the bottom is all unbreakable stuff. I was really worried about Sophie last year but she did not give us any trouble beyond the normal curiousity and touching. This year I am thinking she might be a little more into it but I am going to do the same thing I did last year and hope for the best.

    Also, I have some "Sophie ornaments" that are hers to put on the tree. Some special Disney ones and a few other non-breakable cute stuff that she can help with.


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  • we always used to get a table top natural tree since my house is small and to occupy less space. this year we got a 5-6 ft natural tree :)

    mady is much more older this yr and is starting to notice new things like ornaments, lights, and santa. so we got it for her.

    we got shatter proof ornaments for the bottom of the tree and our collectible glass ornaments for the top of the tree. luckily our tree has been up for 3 days and she has not gone near it. she even helped us put the ornies up :)

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