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nervous and wanting a BFP

Well, tomorrow I go for a blood pregnancy test with my 2nd IUI instead of an HPT...not sure why the doc went that route, but I've been good and didn't test anyway  Big Smile

 I've never wanted something so bad.  They said if I'm there by 10 I'll know the same day...bad part is we have a wedding tomorrow night and we'll be setting up for it so I don't want bad news prior to that (DH and I have Wedding DJ business).  The other choice is to wait until monday and that will kill me.

 Please pray for us that we get a positive!!

Re: nervous and wanting a BFP

  • Yorkie (fellow cincinnatian..:)

    I would go early...I could not possible wait until Monday without POAS..but then again I am slightly addicted to POAS...

    good luck to you

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  • Sending you good, Positive vibes...!!!
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  • Good luck, Yorkie! I'm hoping you get great news today.
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  • Thanks everyone!!  I went at 7:30 this morning.  Now we are waiting for the phone call.  I'm driving myself crazy with thoughts about every little thing I it a period cramp?  is that nauseousness?  can I handle it if it's a negative?  why won't it work? 

     I bet I jump out of my skin everytime the phone rings today!  The bad part is that I have to put on a happy face for tonight's bride....hope it comes easy because of good news.

    I cried on the way home from the blood test...I guess I just want it so bad!!

  • Good luck today, I hope you get great news!
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  • Good Luck! 
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  • GL.
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  • I came in looking for an update...I'm guessing you're busy at work right now and I hope you got happy news.
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  • Good luck, I can't believe you can hold out GL
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