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another month goes by....

Month after month we all wait, hoping and praying for a bfp. My DH and I have been TTC since July. The DH want to have a SA done and he has 26 million little guys just waiting to meet one of my eggs. All of his numbers were good, except his sperm shape (morphology) was only 17%. The normal range should be 70%. Has anyone else found out their DH sperm shape and not where they should be? If so, what did the doctors tell you? His doctor didn't seem to make a big deal over it. I have an appointment with the OB/GYN next Tuesday to discuss his results and talk about testing for me. Personally, I think it is my eggs that are failing us... but if you combine my eggs and his sperm shape... maybe it's a combination problem.

Curious to hear about anyone elses husbands SA and if they too had a low percentage of sperm with the correct shape and structure.

Re: another month goes by....

  • It depends on what scale the SA was done. There's the WHO scale that says above 70% normal is good, ?and there's the Kruger Scale (strict method) which says anything over 12% normal is good. My husband has 4% normal on the Kruger scale. We were told that it is possible to conceive with these numbers, but it may take longer. Being AMA, we don't have the time. Coupled with my IF issues, we were told that IVF with ICSI would give us the best chance to conceive. It's a combination problem for us also. Good luck to you.
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