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second baby gift ideas?

Any suggestions for a gift for a second baby?   

I kind of want to include the first born in the gift too or have a separate matching gift if possible- it's customary to bring both kids a gift when visiting for the first time- right?  I feel like they probably already have all the baby blankets and baby stuff they need from the first born and books are kind of hard to guess at.  The 2 LO I have in mind are going to be 12 months apart and 16 months apart.

Re: second baby gift ideas?

  • Are the kids the same sex?  It is easy if they are different.. baby clothes!

    I needed a whole bunch of stuff with my second baby, so I made a registry - any chance they have one?

    I got a really nice personalized blanket from someone.  It was really nice since my 2nd baby will have a nice new blanket and with her name, since the others are kind of worn. 

    Oh and my kids are opposite seasons so I had no clothes I could reuse, so that was easy too, I needed lots of clothes!

  • I am a big fan of Sophie, a tag blanket and the FP seahorse.  I don't know what to buy older kids since I haven't gotten to that point yet.  I think for the older ones just a little gift would be fine.
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