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Non-toy gifts for 1 y.o.?

Our niece and nephews are always hard to shop for because they just have so. much. stuff. But this year, I'm finding it even harder to shop for the 1 y.o. because he is a second child, and thus their household already has a fully outfitted playroom. I love buying books, but I'm sure they have plenty of those as well and I don't know which they do or don't already own.


 BTW, for anyone looking for non-toy gifts for older kids, I think we're going to get these for the three 5 y.o.s in our life, as well as Shel Silverstein books.

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Re: Non-toy gifts for 1 y.o.?

  • DD is one and I really do not need any more toys! We are asking for small stuff, like disposable bibs, baby toothbrushes. You can find out what size he is and get diapers, or perhaps he needs clothes? Do they have a 2-kid wagon?

    and $$ for college of course - the best gift of all IMO

  • we are always happy with 529 contributions :-)
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  • What about a food gift basket of snacks, juices, and finger foods?
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  • I got my spoiled (partly because of me) 1 year old god-daughter a silver piggy bank with her name on it..?

    ?ETA: ?I put a little something in it to get her started...

  • Clothes can be good because 1) hand-me-downs get worn and faded so it's nice to have something new and 2) the older sibling's clothes may not be the right size for the right season for the younger one.

  • How about a step stool with the child's name?  It can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom.  A good, personal gift that's not a toy.
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  • This may not work for you, but for DS' 1st birthday, we requested donations made in his name to the charity of the gift giver's choice.  We're doing the same thing this year since he's really too young to understand birthday presents.

    I like the idea of a personalized chair or stool.

  • I've told my family to consider getting DD #2 peronsalized things or collectible things.  Yes she uses all of DD #1's toys and clothes, but I want her to have some things of her own.  So like pp's said - something like a piggy bank or step stool or a towel with their name on it or anything that gives them a break from always using older sibling's stuff.  You can get a lot of things personalized - clothes, room decor, etc.
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