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First post-baby date

For my birthday, DH surprised me by arranging for my sister to babysit DS so we could go to a concert. The only times I'd left DS was with DH so I was a little nervous, but he was fine - he was even asleep when we got home last night! Hooray!

What did you do on your first post-baby date? How old was DC? Were you relieved, nervous or both?

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Re: First post-baby date

  • Wow, just reading this makes me realize that we haven't actually gone on a date in three months. We've gone to dinner with baby in tow and have had "couch dates" of dinner and a movie and wine, but haven't left him for an evening by ourselves. We're not concerned about leaving him, we just . . . haven't.

    My friend recently suggested a babysitting co-op of sorts where we watch each other's baby, so I guess that will change soon!

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  • Good for you!

    I think (think, because I can't clearly remember) our first post-baby date was our anniversary in April.  So that would have made DD #1 about three months old.  We went to Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City for a champagne brunch. 

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  • Glad you both had fun! We went out to dinner and a friend's graduation party when DD was 7 weeks old. We were both a little nervous but it was nice to have dinner together and catch up with friends.  We try to have a 'date' once a month- even if it is just an afternoon lunch and movie.
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  • We went to dinner and a movie when she was two-weeks old...  my BIL, SIL, and neice came over to watch her.

    It was wonderful! :)

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  • our 1st real post-baby date was a valentine's day lunch, DD was 4 mo old; I did not leave her alone at night till later that week (yes, week LOL) when we went out for BIL's 40th b-day (I had to pump in the bathroom, fun times) but she had a really hard time falling asleep (my parents came over), she likes her pre-bed booby
  • We went out for our anniversary when DS was about 6 weeks old. We took him to my mom's, who lives near the restaurant, and she watched him for a few hours and fed him some pumped milk. He was very well-behaved and even fell asleep in the car on the way home :-) Of course, we talked about DS pretty much the whole time. But it was nice to get away and feel like grownups - I think it was the first time just the two of us had been in the car together since he was born. I got to sit in the front seat!

    Happy birthday, by the way!

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  • I think Warner was about a week and a half or 2 weeks old when we went out to dinner without him. His parents were in town for the week and he was at the stage where he slept all the time, so it worked out fine. I was a tiny bit nervous, but not much--we timed it so that he most likely wouldn't need to be fed while we were gone. And we were only gone for about an hour and a half.

    Now we try to go out on a real date at least once a month...we are super lucky that we found a good babysitter and we also have my aunt come to babysit from time to time. It's a pretty easy gig for them when we have evening dates because Warner typically goes down for the night around 6:30pm and doesn't make a peep until the next morning.

  • Happy birthday! :)

    We went out Saturday night for our first post-baby date, so T was just a month old.  We saw an early movie and went out for dinner.  I was a little worried that she'd cry all night for my FIL, but he's ridiculously patient with her and content to let her sleep on his chest while he sits in a chair for hours so it went well.  Thank goodness we have at least one parent here to babysit.  My parents will be here for Thanksgiving, and they're insisting we go out by ourselves one night, so two date weekends in a row! 

    FWIW, after being in the hospital for four days without the baby when she was just days old, I'm a little less antsy about leaving her alone with family.  She did just fine when it was just my parents, DH and FIL watching her the whole time, so I know there's nothing to worry about. 

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  • Happy Birthday!

    I think DS was 6 weeks old.  Maybe 8 weeks.  DH and I went out to dinner while his sister babysat.  I was nervous about leaving him, but he was totally fine.  I was much more relaxed the second time we went out a couple of weeks later.

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