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Are you kidding me?

I thought Sunday night was bad when DD decided to be awake at 530am for the day (she usually sleeps until 730/8ish)...well, last night took the cake. She was so tired from being up so early that she was sound asleep in bed at 730pm. She was awake from 11p-315a last night-playing, crying, babbling, getting stuck on her name it, she did it. So, I'm on 3 hours of sleep now and have to go to work. Its going to be a very looooong day. And she woke up at 630a to be fed and is still up there now (at 730) awake-I swear she has insomnia or something! I just pray tonight goes better!

Re: Are you kidding me?

  • Probably a mental milestone, some big realization about the world, there are a lot of these around 4 months and they cause lots of wakeful nights.  Babies tend to have a hard time sleeping for 3-6 nights when they go through milestones.  The Nesties call this the 4 month wakeful period.  Nothing you can do with it but understand that it is out of your control and has nothing to do with food or trying to make you insane.
  • We had a rough night last night too. I am hoping its just cuz she is getting over being sick and was maybe hungry from not eating much yesterday.. but no one got much sleep here.. which stinks cuz she has been STTN again lately.
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  • Oh man! I'm so sorry! Hopefully she will let you get some sleep tonight!
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