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AW... sort of!

My barely 13 month-old DD peed in a toilet today at daycare!  I was in total shock when our daycare lady told me.  She's mentioned before she likes to potty train on the earlier side, but honestly I am so lazy I haven't thought about it at all.  She said DD was dry when she got up from her nap so she put her on the potty and low and behold, she peed.  

Sooooo...  I think Santa will be delivering a potty for Christmas this year!  I'm not in any big rush but I figure we'll take things slow and see how they go.  Any recs for potties?  Should we get one that sits on the toilet or a separate one?  We only have one bathroom upstairs if that makes a difference.  Not sure if DH and I want to be constantly removing a potty before we can go :)  

Re: AW... sort of!

  • wow!! that's very exciting!

    (sorry, no recs on the potty. I'm a looooooooong, way from that. although I am happy to say that at least he hasn't peed on me in a while. that's kind of like potty training, right? Wink )

  • we've been putting DD on the potty since she was 5.5-6 mo old and she almost exclusively poops on the potty (as soon as she starts grunting, we put her on); peeing is harder b/c we don't know when she has to go; but we put her on several times a day, or we try - if she has to go, she'll sit, if she doesn't, she refuses to sit.

    we used an actual potty for a while but have been using the little toilet seat that goes over the regular toilet seat for months now. Who wants to clean the poop out of a potty?

    your DD is old enough to be able to sit properly so I'd say, just use a seat over the potty and see how it goes; this will prevent you from having to transition from a potty to the toilet.

    she is not potty-trained by any stretch of the imagination b/c she only "asks" to go once in a rare while but it really helps us having her poop in the toilet, so much cleaner! sometimes, she'll already have pooped a little in the diaper and does the rest on the toilet - one step at a time:)

    PS: the little seat just sits on the floor and does not affect the regular use of the bathroom; when DD has to go, we just raise the lid and quickly put DD's seat on

  • Fun! 

    DD #1 went successfully in the potty a random times, on and off, before she was actually 100% "trained" (just after she was 2 yo.) so IMO it's totally worth getting a potty or potty seat now and just get your LO used to the idea.  Even if she doesn't learn how to do everything right away, it's great for her to be familiar with the whole process.  Potty training books say that the "prep" period - where they go on a potty, but not consistently every time - can last months.   

    We started with a potty seat - the kind that goes over the regular toilet - with the thought that we didn't want to clean a potty. Then, at some point on a whim, I bought her a Bjorn potty - the stand alone kind - and I'll tell you - that made a big difference with her.  It was more convenient for her to sit on that and not have to mess with getting up on a stool to get to the adult height toilet.  It was no big deal transitioning her from the stand alone Bjorn potty back to the regular toilet - in fact at that point we were prepping her to go to preschool where they have no potty seats - so we had to teach her how to sit on a regular toilet and balance up there by either putting her hands on the seat or leaning way forward to not fall in.

    So I would say start with whichever one you want - the seat or the stand alone one - but just be open to maybe borrowing or buying the other kind to see what works best with your LO.  What does daycare have?  Maybe get whatever kind they have?

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  • That's great!  It's probably a little soon for us, but I just got DD a Bjorn. 
  • I'm impressed!  DS will sit on the potty at daycare, but that's about it.  We aren't even close to thinking about potty training. :)
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