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Even worse than the spammers on CL

Uhg.  The Spammers don't bother me too much, I get their messages, recognise them right away and delete them.  Well, now I am getting more and more people emailing me asking me to give them the items I am selling for FREE!  Claiming they are collecting for an organization, or just really in need of my items for free because of the ecomony.  One person even sent me a message that basically said I was a bad person for trying to make a buck selling my used stuff when I should just give it away for free to someone who is in need, like them!!  For some reason though, I just don't feel like a lot of these people are actually in need.  I am all for donating and stuff but I feel like these people are basically panhandling in a new form.

Re: Even worse than the spammers on CL

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