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sports bras

Which type of sports bra do you use?

Pre-preg I wore a Champion high impact sports bra and loved it.  But of course it is too small now so I bought it in a size up.  But the band is too large and as I run it kind of rides up.  Plus it does too much bouncing and I have to run with one arm across my chest :) 

Re: sports bras

  • To be honest, I haven't given my sports bra any use since after having L.  Although, I really should as I still have some weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  But I've heard that often people have to double up on their sport bras after having a baby and while nursing to help with the bouncing.
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  • I splurged on an UnderArmour sports bra not long after having ds. It's light, but holds me in place (there's not much to hold, but what I do have is secure). I also got one from Target - I think it's a Champion. It's more stretchy than the old, mostly cotton Champions I had before, but still seems to work OK.
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