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Successful VBAC!

Two years ago, I had a c-section for fetal distress-- and early Wednesday morning, I had my VBAC!

 I went in for an induction on Tuesday morning because my midwife couldn't let me go over 41 weeks and I was 41 weeks that day.  I was effaced but barely dilated.  They tried a foley catheter, but it wasn't happening.  So, they started me on a small amount of pitocen.  Throughout the day, they continued to up the pitocen until I was BEGGING for an epidural (that they gave me at 10 pm-- I had been laboring in bed with pit. since 8 am).  Unfortunately, the epi only took on one side of my body and I could still feel the contractions on my left side.  But I was so tired, it was enough that I basically passed out and slept for a while-- though I did wake up with the big contractions.

Round 1 am, I woke up and told the nurse that I really needed to poop, and she ran out of the room to get my midwife.  She came in and checked me and apparently, DDs head was "RIGHT THERE".  I had been laboring down in my sleep, apparently and she was ready to come out!  I pushed for 30 minutes and at 1:56 am on 11/18, my daughter was born! (8 lbs, 5 oz- 22 inches)

Recovery has been SO much better than a c-section and I am really glad that I VBACed this time around.  My son is in love with his sister but is also glad that he can climb all over mommy again:-)

 Good luck to the other VBAC hopefuls!

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