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uterus measuring big

I just went for my 24 week appt. today and found out that I gained 6.5 lbs and my uterus is measuring at 27 weeks. They want me to come back in 3 weeks for my gestational diabetes test. I am not exhibiting any signs of GD, which is good and I am hoping that I do not have it. However, they also said it could mean that it was just a growth spurt and it will even itself out, or the baby is big, or that I have extra fluid. I am totally freaked out. Any info. on this topic is appreciated. Thank you!

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    I always measured ahead with DS.  By 33w I was measuring 4 weeks ahead so they decided to give me a growth u/s at 34w.  He weighed over 7lbs already.  Yikes.

    I didn't have GD but I did have preeclampsia and was induced at exactly 38w because of it.  DS was 9.5lbs and 21.5in.  Yep, 2 weeks early.

    I think measuring ahead really only matters when you're later in the 3rd trimester.  Sometimes it evens out before then!  GL! 


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    I'm going to answer this here too, just in case you missed it on BOTB:


    You don't have "symptoms" for GD. There are no symptoms. EVERYONE gets the GD screening at the beginning of their third tri. If you fail the one hour, you get to follow-up with the three-hour

    Your baby could be measuring big, he/she could be positioned different to make the uterus shaped different this time, extra fluid, or something like that, but more than likely, it's the practitioner measuring you. No one has the exact same measurements every time. Thing vary: where their fingers are, or where the tape measure ends, etc. It's just like cervical exams. Everyone measures differently & they might send you for another US.

    Also, I measured big at 5 weeks, on track until  24 weeks, then behind. I had GD, and my baby weighed 7.2 lbs @ 40 weeks.


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    I had the opposite problem when I was pregnant with DD. I measured too small and they wanted to do an U/S to find out what was going on in there. I was so freaked out but then I noticed that I felt punching and kicking on my sides. Turns out she was laying sideways and when they measure they only measure from top to bottom.  It's hard not to be worried but try and think positive thoughts and good luck!
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