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What size shoes does your 8-month-old wear?

Re: What size shoes does your 8-month-old wear?

  • 3 right now, but I think he could wear a 4 very soon


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  • imageauchick0821:
    Jax is 7.5 mos adjusted so I'll answer. He has very fat feet so he's in a size 4 shoe or size 12-18 mos Robeez.
    That's my problem with Cole, too!  His feet are SO fat, but they're pretty small.  

    I think he could wear a 2 if his feet weren't so fat, but I found a pair of size 3 shoes that fit over his fat (they just *look* big to me because I know how big DS's feet actually are) and wondered if that was a normal seven-month size.  I don't put him in shoes at all, but wanted to get him a pair for his baptism/Christmas.


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  • 3 or 6-12
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  • 3's are tight on her now, so probably just getting into 4's.
  • 3s
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  • 2's- she has really small thin feet, she is just now starting to be able to wear shoes because before they were all too wide for her narrow feet
  • To be honest, I have no idea because DD barely likes to keep her socks on much less shoes.  She has small feet... so if i had to buy a pair, I would probably pick up 2 or 3.
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