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Heating blankets

My doctor has never mentioned this, but I've read in several books that heating blankets are not considered safe during pregnancy because they have the potential to raise your body temperature.

Well . . .

. . . I still use mine! If I didn't, I would be a shivering ball of sadness.  We have an electric heater in the room, but it's never turned up high. If it was on high, poor DH would roast. The only way for me to be comfortable is to pile on the blankets and kick my heating blanket on 5 (5/10).

As someone who TTCed for well over a year, I've taken my temps around the clock at night time, and my temperature has never, ever been unusually raised. When I get warm, I kick the blankets off in my sleep. Even when I feel hot, my temperature is still normal. On a usual day, my body temperature is in the low 97s, sometimes in the high 96s. That's normal for me. It would take a lot of heat to raise my body temperature to a damaging point.

Any other naughty heating blanket users out there outside of myself? I wouldn't continue using it if I didn't think the risk was minimal. I would never turn my blanket up to the point of sweltering, but I do enjoy climbing into a cozy, warm bed.

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Re: Heating blankets

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    I have never used a heating blanket but I used a heating pad every night when pregnant with my DS from like 23 weeks +.  I used to get the worst back aches and the only thing that helped was the heating pad.  My doctor said it was fine as long I was't noticing myself get really over heated. 

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    I froze my buns off last night!  I fully intend on putting the electric blanket on the bed tonight. 
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    I don't use one, but only because I live in Texas! We hardly have a "Winter" here. I don't see why it would be a "no-no" unless you were sweating with it on you. Obviously, you're using it because you're cold and it warms you up!
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    I am still using mine. I leave it on "1" though instead of my usual "8" or "9" setting. I didn't use it at all during my 1st pregnancy, because I had heard that it was bad for you. However, this time I actually did some research on it, and figure that as long as I keep it on low the baby won't be over cooked.
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    We have a heated mattress pad (which I love!) I asked my Dr. about it at our last appointment and she said it was fine to use as long as I didn't have the temp set too high.
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