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Reccomended Infant Care books?

Any recco's on great books with parenting advice for that first year or first 6 months? 

Re: Reccomended Infant Care books?

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    What to expect the First Year.  I am pregnant with my first and have already read the entire book!  Very informative.
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    What to Expect the First Year

    Baby 911 (from the Baby Bargains people)

    also, fyi, State Farm gives away a free book on their website;  you don't have to be a customer of theirs (I'm not and got one);  I think it's Good Housekeepings book on child care--I actually refer to it often so you'd think I'd remember the name but that's pregnancy brain for you!  LOL

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    My friend just bought me "Babywise - Giving your infant the gift of nighttime sleep" - By Gary Ezzo & told me that this is a must read.
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    I got a book called "I'm a Mom...Now What" and think that is pretty good
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