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Acne Help NEEDED!!!

Ugh.  So I'm breaking out on my chest - just in the top center where you can see it if I'm not wearing a freaking turtleneck.  My back is breaking out to, but that doesn't concern me as much because you can't see it.  I'm not sure if it's hormones, medication, or using a different soap in the hospital for a week (or a combo of everything probably).

So what do you guys do to get rid of it?  I have clinique face soap and toner and lotion for my face, and that works really well there, and I've been using it on that spot on my chest too, but it doesn't seem to be making a difference.

Help!  I don't have enough high shirts to wear forever and I cannot go back to work with zits all over my chest! 

Re: Acne Help NEEDED!!!

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    Try natural scrubs--they can help exfoliate and get out the bacteria that's causing them.


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    I wish I had the magic remedy.. I have been the same way for most of the time. I did buy some Kiehls clay facewash and Murad and have been switching off every other day.. it has helped some.. but from what I hear.. nothing can really help.. hormones are just nuts :)
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    When i first got pg, i had gotten a couple big painful pimples on my chest, i used this spot cream you can get at meijers, wal mart, or any drug store probably. Its called Acne Free Terminator 10. Its in a bright orange tube. After a couple hours of putting it on them, they were already smaller. I also use it on my face

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