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Anyone watch Brothers and Sisters?

I need to be filled in...

Are Justin and the young girl together?

Do they have the same father?

Is she pregnant by Justin?


Re: Anyone watch Brothers and Sisters?

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    Justin and Rebecca are together - engaged actually.  Originally they thought they did have the same dad but found out that wasn't true.

    She just found out she is pg and hadn't told Justin yet but we haven't watched tonight's episode yet.  


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    I finally know an answer to one of these threads! :)

    Justin & Rebecca are together and engaged.  The Walkers thought that Rebecca was William's love child with Holly, but it turns out that Rebecca's dad is David.  Holly and David are back together.

    Ryan is William Walker's love child.  He is a snitch and is trying to bring Oh-Hi down.

    Rebecca is pregnant, I assume by Justin.  They haven't alluded to anything otherwise, I don't think.


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    I stopped watching the show before they discovered she had another father. This whole time I serioudly was thinking something was up. Thanks guys!
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