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Dealing with drama UGH (kinda long)

So at our wedding in July a lot happened that I was not even aware of until AFTER the fact. People were mad and my GMIL called my aunt a B*@#$! and crap bc apparently she was being bossy and stuff which is the norm for my aunt. ive grown up with it so ive learned to ignore and walk away. well anyways were pregnant and everything is fine then talk of the baby shower comes up and my Grandma wants seperate showers because of what happened at the wedding. My aunt is helping throw the shower so thats why. well i tell my inlaws thats how they want it bc noone has apologized or anything and now everyone is upset.this is supposed to be a happy time for me and its like everyone forgets that im pregnant and dont need to be stressing out but they still make me the middle man. im not sure what to do because no me and my husband are fighting over how to fix the problem and i dont think it should be our problem to fix. they should act like adults, right?? uh.. i dont know what to do! can anyone give me advice??

Re: Dealing with drama UGH (kinda long)

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    Unfortunately, you already said something.  Having 2 showers is not uncommon.  I would have said something about inviting too many people and needing to have 2.  Then that way, you would not have hurt people's feelings with the drama.  I wish you the best with the situation.
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    DH's family is constant drama and they always bring us and sil into it.  They were dramatic at our wedding, sil's wedding and, surprisingly, I havent opened my big mouth though.  But, if they want to bring drama around these babies they are going to be getting a piece of my mind.  If they are bringing us into it whats to stop them from bringing the babies into it.  Im not going to let that happen.  Ive kept my mouth shut long enough b/c thats what DH wanted, but things have changed.
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