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Don't know what to call this ?

DD is 1" away from being too tall for her infant car seat. We're thinking of getting the convertible ones installed in Dec if we can-I'm sure she'll be out of it by then. My question is....she's not old enough to sit up on her own yet, so what do you do when you go shopping??  Now I just put her carrier in the  cart, but with a convertible obviously that isn't an option. So if she can't sit up in the cart by herself and I dont have the carrier, what do I do?

Re: Don't know what to call this ?

  • I have no idea. 26" seems so low for the height limit.. Most stores have at least a couple carts with the built in baby seats.. you could do that.. or use a sling. Other than that.. I think you are out of luck. Eve is almost 9 months and sits up on her own perfectly but STILL slides around in the cart seats..
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  • I think a sling would be your best bet, unless you're only going for a few things so that they could fit in the basket of your stroller. I've seen carts with the infant seats, too, but not in too many places.
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  • What are her current stats? I am thinking you really are not going to want to deal with the convert. seat in the winter if you can avoid it. She seems like such a peanut still!

    I would almost buy a new infant seat that is rated for bigger babies, we have the Chicco and it goes to 22lbs/30 inches (you can even get the one that goes to 30lbs!). You could sell the barely used one you have on CL to recoup some of the cost. Convertible seats will require warmer clothes when going out, and the use of a front carrier/sling when you shop and stuff. I am determined to keep my kiddo in his infant seat through the winter, even if my arm is longer! lol Unless he goes over the limit, he is staying!

  • I agree with possibly buying a new infant carrier/seat.  We have this one and it fits up to 32 lbs and 32" - we love it - and it's not really that heavy, either!


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  • She's 25" and 13lbs at her appt 3 wks ago. I thought of keeping the carrier in the car and putting her in there to shop as well. I'll have to think about it.
  • Ya, we bought the 32 pound/32 inch one as well.  I bought it thinking about the weight since DH was such a big baby, but it turns out we will actually need it more for her height.  I am glad now since her 2 month appointment had her at 24.5 inches.

    I have a front pack and used that for shopping at Sams yesterday since I tend to fill the cart there.  She gets warm in the front pack, so if you are using that all you would need to do is throw a blanet over her in the car seat.  And at most she would only be chilly as you are getting her from car seat into the front pack.

    Money wise, you will need a convertible or bigger car seat anyway.  However, I do know they say that the longer you can keep them in an infant car seat  rear-facing, the safer it is.  Because of that I would probably buy the 32/32 car seat.  We plan to use ours right until she outgrows it, even if that makes her 18 months old, haha.  I like the idea of selling your current seat, maybe you can make some money back.

  • If you don't want to buy a new seat, I would either do a Bjorn/sling or do what you said- keep it in the car and put her in it for trips to the store. 

    Wegmans does have the carts with the little infant seat in them, so that might work for trips there.

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