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Secret Santa themes

I am in charge of the Secret Santa for my dad's (huge) side of the family.  I am thinking of throwing out some ideas for themes, instead of just doing the same old regular presents.  I know it would probably help everyone financially also.  What themes have you done or heard of that were fun?
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Re: Secret Santa themes

  • We do an ornament exchange every year for the adults in DH's family. It's pretty much guaranteed that everybody can afford an ornament.
  • Ornament exchanges are a lot of fun, and who can't use another beautiful ornament?

    DH's family does white elephants, but honestly it kinda sucks to have crap in your house other people don't even want.  LOL

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  • Something edible? Something homemade/crafty?
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  • Maybe like a "cinema" type theme. Every one can get someone maybe a dvd or cd.
  • My friend's family does a Dirty Santa exchange every year with a theme. They do movies, cd's, board games etc.
  • My husband's boss throws a Christmas party every year where you bring the TACKIEST gift that you received during the year.  You draw numbers, open the gift and then freak out over the 6 year old fruit cake you just opened (we got it last year and I was the last to open...ugh).  Anyways, you're allowed to exchange the gift once for someone else's crappy gift...sort of like white elephant.
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