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Need advice: Angie's List/Dr complaint

Ok so Im very upset with my Dr right now.  His bedside manner is horrible and I left my appointment in tears yesterday.  The only reason I havent switched is because clinically I believe he is the best.  My last pregnancy I delivered by c-section and had a great experience with that.

 Well I let my pregnant hormones get the best of me and I rated him on Angie's List and explained why Im unhappy.  My sister thinks that was a bad idea because I still have 11 weeks left of pregnancy and if I ever need a favor or to be a top priority it wont happen now.

Anyone have any experience with Angie's List?  I know they let the business know if they get a complaint, what it says and who its from.  Should I ask Angie's List to delete my complaint before it gets to him?  Or stand my ground and let the way I feel truely feel be heard? 

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Re: Need advice: Angie's List/Dr complaint

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    I would call your dr and talk to him before Angies List contacts him, he needs to know how you feel, but he needs to hear it from you
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    You should feel comfortable with your doctor.  But I think if his actions aren't bad enough for you to leave, then they don't warrant a complaint.  I'd ask Angies List to delete and repost if you do decided to switch.
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