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funny comment for ya

today at work, this older woman i work with came into my office, sat down, and said "WOW someone's busting out of their clothes and i'm glad it's not me!"  i said something along the lines of "actually, my clothes fit me just fine!" then my other coworker diffused the situation and said, i think what bonnie meant to say is, "you're showing" ...i would have been ok if she had put it like that!


Re: funny comment for ya

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    Why people believe they need to be / can be rude is beyond me.
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    eeek tell me about it! i honestly don't think they were raised right, i would never say anything except, you look great, or something like that
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    This would've been where I would've said, "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?"  Wink  I'm sure you look beautiful <3

    FVCK, that would have been PERFECT! i'll use it next time b/c honestly...with this woman...there WILL be a next time!

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