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Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system..worth it?

So, I put the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system on my registry because big babies run in my family and the car seat goes up to 32 lbs/the stroller, 50.  To any second time mom's who have used Graco travel systems: are the cheaper, Metrolite versions just as good?  Did you feel that your LO grew out of his/her carseat too quickly and would recommend the deluxe version? Any advice would be appreciated.  

Re: Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system..worth it?

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    A friend had a higher weight seat and her son was a shorty, so she used it past a year.  My girls have always been long and lean and outgrown the length way before the 22 lb weight limit of ours.  We never had a travel system, but 50 lbs is typical of most strollers (DD1 is 4 and 37 lbs).
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    Some people swear by them, but I wish I would've gone with a snap n' go with an infant seat instead of a travel system. We spent about 8-9 months using it, now we use our smaller stroller and DD is out of the infant seat... we'll be using a smaller stroller for much longer than 9 months, so I wish we would've made a better investment in one of those.

    If you do get a TS, I'd say go for the cheaper one- no one I know uses the travel system stroller by the time their kiddo is anywhere near 50lbs. :)

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    Both my best friend and my brother have this stroller, and watching them try and maneuver it/set it up is like a trainwreck. It's just so big and bulky that it's a complete beast. I know they both told me not to get it- they wish they'd gotten a snap and go, or an alternate stroller.

    Also- you won't use the infant seat with the stroller once the baby can sit up/be in the stroller by itself, so I don't know if there's a point getting the Snugride 32. Obviously if that's what it comes with and you like it, that's fine, but you won't be carrying it around much after the first 4-5 months. We're getting the regular Snugride and an alternate stroller that better suits our needs for the entire stroller life (up to 4-5 years or whenver kids stop using strollers), rather than something that is marketed towards infants.

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    I got the snugride 32 and a snap and go.  Much cheaper than the TS (especially since I got the snap and go off CL) and got the heavier limit carseat
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    I would go with the Metro Lite over the Quattro Tour. It's much lighter, easier to maneuver and still works with the Snugride 32 if that's the infant seat you want to get.
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    I like my Graco Quattro Tour.  It all depends on your need the stroller though.  Mine is 4+ years old and still in good shape.  The carseat it came w/ only goes to 22lb.  My DD did outgrow it by length first (I believe 26in) and I think DS did too.  I was fine with moving them around 6-8 mo to a regular carseat b/c they were too heavy to get carry around in the carseat anyway, so I'd stopped getting it out of the car.  Once they're 6mo or so they can sit well in a shopping cart too.  If you get the safeseat you'll get more use out of it but you have to buy a convertible eventually anyway so I guess it's a personal preference.

    The things I like about the stroller are the nice trays (parent and child) and the huge basket.  (My umbrella doesn't have these). It's a nice mall stroller.  For quick errands and what I mostly use after I stop using the snugride is my Maclaren umbrella stroller which I love.  It's so light weight and takes up no space in the back of my car.  It's also very easy to travel with.  

    All that said, I really did get a lot of use out of my quattro tour and feel like it pushed and steered easily.  I liked it over the metro light because it felt sturdier if that makes since and the occasional lifting it in and out of the car didn't bother me.   



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    no to both Metrolite and Quattro.

    Even the Metrolite is quite heavy and rather wide for stores / racks.  I have a hard time with it (looking forward to not having to use it soon because I'm getting a super duper small double stroller).  The Quattro is a freaking bus.

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    We had it and it was HUGE, heavy and a real waster.  Ended up buying the snap and go and LOVED it.  The Graco is collecting dust in our garage.  The ONLY time it came in handy was when we went to Disney World and to the zoo and whatnot.  Day to day life?  No use for it.  HTHSmile
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