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I have had a pretty good handle on my appetite... that is until the last few days. Lately I have just been constantly hungry. I can't help but notice that I have also started feeling the baby quite often. Is this a coincidence or have any of you experienced this? Is the insane hunger a phase?

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    I think it is a coincidence. I felt great movement when I wasn't hungry at all. In fact I didn't get hungry until 27 weeks, but I had felt the baby at 19 weeks.
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    I'm in the exact same boat. I can literally suddenly eat ALL day long the past few days. Jake has become particularly active, too.
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    Honestly, it kind of happened the same way for me.  I didn't feel anything more than the flutters until right after I hit week 20 and at that same time roughly, I started getting hungry more often.  It might differ with everyone, but I think it's less coincidence and more just another marker of being pregnant.
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    I have definitely become more hungry since I have felt movement but I attribute it to LO being bigger and growing at such a fast rate!  My doctor told me I should put on about a pound a week from now on so I am giving into craving more then I did before. Embarrassed

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